A Wet & Wild Unicorn Hunt by Shaun Daley

We all chase unicorns, some more elusive than others. This is a unicorn story. The second chase to be exact; One where we smelt that pretty beast, but didn’t quite catch her, and will certainly be back for another hunt.

The unicorn we are talking about here is the experience of staying in a particular fire lookout tower, and scoring good shred.


Booking any winter riding trip 6 months in advance, like it takes with lookout towers, assume an obvious chance of getting skunked. As we were approaching the weekend of our reservation, weather was questionable. Temps, pressure, and precipitation was shifting all over the place.  Hardly anything was certain.  The decision had to be made, do we go for it?


Giv’r; One unified group of idiots we became

First unknown, how far is the split in? To access this tower, you basically drive til’ you hit the snow line and go from there.  After a wet and concerning drive in constant downpour, we hit the snow-line about 6 miles from the tower, geared up, gave each other one final dry poncho wrapped smile, and started stepping. 

35 degrees and relentlessly pissing rain. Soaked to the bone, our body heat was the only thing keeping us warm, so we literally had to keep going with no breaks to fight off the shivers. It was the real deal mental and physical challenge. One my mind overcame by perpetually fantasizing of food, one Steve’s dealt with by dreaming about cigs.

Anyway, we made it & woke up to clear skies revealing a beaming 360 degree view on day 2. Fueled on Bailey’s and bacon, we toured a few miles, built a hip, got shirtless, caught some air, caught a buzz, and made dinner back at the tower facing the billion dollar sunset view wishing us better luck next time.

photo & words: @shaun_daley
Illustration: @give_take
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